When does Taylor Leibow recruit CPA students?

Student recruitment for positions starting in January takes place in the fall of the previous year. For example, recruitment for a January 2023 CPA Students term will take place in September and October of 2022. We also hold interviews for internship students and full-time graduate positions during the months of September through December each year.

We prefer to have our students stay with the Firm for all of their work terms so they can continue to progress and build on their skills. Please apply to the Taylor Leibow job posting that is distributed by your respective University’s CPA Students or internship program. If we do not post positions at your University then you can email it to us directly. Please send your resume a minimum of four months in advance.

Do you have to be in a registered CPA Students/internship program to be hired for a student position?

No. We prefer to hire candidates through a registered CPA Students/internship program, but we will consider students not registered in formal programs. We also hire full-time CPA students who have recently graduated from a university accounting program.

Can I complete all of my CPA Students terms with Taylor Leibow?

Yes, we encourage you to complete all of your co-op terms with the firm. This ensures that you will meet the CPA Ontario chargeable hours requirement for the different service areas (assurance, auditing, and tax).

Should I mail my hard-copy resume or email my soft-copy resume to you?

All resumes should be sent to our HR department by e-mailing Chelsey Montgomery.

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