Over the past 15 years, we’ve built a specialized service focused on the financial aspects of family law.

Accounting and family law may sound like an unlikely combination. That is until your divorce lawyer asks how much the business is worth.

Whether you’re a self-employed real estate representative, a partner in a dental practice, a shareholder in a multi-million dollar company or the spouse of someone who’s involved in similar businesses, you need a specialized financial divorce team.

Our team will help you to build a strategy based on your objectives. We make it our business to know yours. Is your priority keeping the business intact? Staying in the family home? A speedy resolution to the issues? Or turning over every stone to uncover what might be hidden? We listen carefully to your goals and bring in the resources necessary to realize them.

Our multi-talented team at Taylor Leibow provides expertise in tax strategies, various industries and even insolvency. As members of DFK International, we are able to research beyond our borders and determine tax and other business implications if you or your spouse works or owns a business abroad.

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