Each year, Taylor Leibow brings several new students on board to begin their professional careers.

Work Experience

As an approved CPA training firm, students are able to use their time at Taylor Leibow to satisfy the CPA Ontario practical experience requirement and the chargeable hour’s requirement. As a student, you will gain work experience in all types of engagements including audits, reviews, compilations and taxation (personal and corporate). Once your training is complete, you will be responsible for completing the entire file: from planning the engagement to completing the fieldwork, drafting the financial statements and preparing the corporate tax return. This comprehensive experience contributes significantly to your success on the professional examinations and ensures you develop into a well-rounded CPA.


On-Campus Appearances

Every fall the Taylor Leibow student recruiting team attends University CPA Recruiting events at campuses in our local area. These events offer students from co-op and internship programs the opportunity to discuss all aspects of becoming a CPA with representatives from our firm. These events provide students with the opportunity to ask questions and make connections with key decision-makers of the firm prior to the recruiting period.

Student Contact

To discuss potential opportunities at Taylor Leibow reach
out to Chelsey Montgomery, our Taylor Leibow Human Resources Specialist.

Chelsey Montgomery