We’ll help you maximize the SR&ED claims for your business.

Maximizing your Scientific Research & Experimental Development (“SR&ED”) tax credits should be a goal for every business.

Taylor Leibow has considerable experience and an excellent track record with filing SR&ED claims. The SR&ED tax specialists at Taylor Leibow will assist you through the complexities of filing for this tax credit.

Our expertise can improve your profitability by maximizing cash flow while minimizing taxes.

The SR&ED program provides tax incentives to Canadian businesses that perform SR&ED in Canada. It is designed to encourage businesses to expand and grow. The benefits of SR&ED are significant and if properly planned your tax credit can be refundable in cash.

Often companies that are claiming SR&ED do not receive their full entitlement due to underestimating eligible expenditures and insufficient documentation of projects or procedures.

Our experience extends to a wide range of industries. Call us to find out if you have a SR&ED claim for your industry.

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